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Instructor Training Form

Trainees selected by Carpentries member organizations are asked to complete this Profile Creation form. This creates an entry in our database and allows us to record attendance and track your progress through the Instructor certification process. Form responses are not reviewed in detail but may be used in programmatic assessment. Your application materials and information about your progress towards The Carpentries Instructor certification may be shared with our contacts at your member site. Please note that this form is separate from event registration. Your site contact will provide you with instructions to register for an Instructor Training event.

More details about the Instructor role are available on the Become an Instructor page on The Carpentries website. To learn more about what the training will cover, please see our Instructor Training curriculum.

If you have been given a registration code through a Carpentries member site or for a specific scheduled event, please enter it here:
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If you give us your consent to contact you here, we may occasionally reach out to you for new volunteering opportunities in the community, surveys, or opportunities to provide us with feedback. You can change this setting at any time from your AMY profile. In any case, we will contact you to provide you with legal notices and to provide you with necessary information related to workshops and training events with The Carpentries. If you are subscribed to our mailing lists, they all have options to opt-out. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at
Allow posting your name and any public profile you list (website, Twitter) on our website. Emails will not be posted.