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Our instructor training classes are for people who wish to learn how to teach Carpentry workshops. We teach impactful pedagogical techniques and prepare you to become an Instructor in our community. We use this form to register interest and build new communities of Instructors around the world.

If you wish to apply to our open instructor training program, please fill in the form below. Tell us about yourself, what excites you about teaching, and how The Carpentries can help in your community. Spaces are limited, so use this form to share with us what excites you about spreading our teaching to your organization. We will notify applicants as limited spaces become available. If you have any questions, please mail

If you would like to accelerate the process, check out our membership program. Organizational members make ongoing commitments to supporting The Carpentries and are guaranteed seats in instructor training. If you need help making the case at your organization, feel free to contact us at, we'd be happy to help.

Please note that as a condition of taking this training:

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If you are scheduled to receive training at a member site, and have been asked to fill in this form to give us information about yourself, please do so and we will follow up when your site's training has been scheduled.

Use this if you have been invited to apply through an institutional membership or other agreement with The Carpentries. Please note your application materials and information about your progress towards The Carpentries Instructor certification may be shared with our contacts at your member site.

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Submit application for review to receive a scholarship for Instructor Training through our Open Application Program. Please note your application materials may be shared with The Carpentries Trainers in order to review and accept your application.

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