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Submit a self-organised workshop

Please fill out this form if you are already connected with our certified Instructors to register a self-organised workshop. We use the URL of your workshop website to collect information, so please set that up using our workshop template before filling out this form. However, if you need to use a workshop website that is different from our template, you can still submit it through this form.

If you are not already connected with our certified Instructors please use our request a workshop form or request more information about a workshop.

This is an optional, secondary email address we can use to contact you.

If your institution isn't on the list, enter its name below the list.
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Please provide the dates that your Self-Organised workshop will run.
Please share the link to the public-facing workshop website. If you are using our template, this is typically in the format of or We do not need links to a separate registration page, GitHub repo, or any other related pages.
Would you be able to update the name of the workshop webpage prior to submitting this notification? If so, we recommend using the following name: YEAR-MM-DD-site-online. If not, that's okay and please feel free to submit the form.
Please adjust the URL format so that it points to the workshop website. The format for this is:
For example "We are teaching Software Carpentry's Git lesson only" or "We are teaching Data Carpentry's Ecology workshop, but not teaching a programming language."

If selected "Yes", the workshop will be published on following websites: The Carpentries, Data Carpentry, Software Carpentry, Library Carpentry.
Many of our workshops restrict registration to learners from the hosting institution. If your workshop will be open to registrants outside of your institution please let us know below.