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Thank you for requesting a workshop with The Carpentries! The questions below will help us match your workshop needs with our instructors and content. We look forward to working with you.

If your institution isn't on the list, enter its name in the field below.

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Because we need to coordinate with instructors, a minimum of 2-3 months lead time is required for workshop planning.
Our workshops are offered primarily in English, with a few of our lessons available in Spanish. While materials are mainly in English, we know it can be valuable to have an instructor who speaks the native language of the learners. We will attempt to locate Instructors speaking a particular language, but cannot guarantee the availability of non-English speaking Instructors.
This number doesn't need to be precise, but will help us decide how many instructors your workshop will need. Each workshop must have at least two instructors.
The attendees' academic field(s) of study, if known.
If you know the academic level(s) of your attendees, indicate them here.
Indicate the attendees' level of computing experience, if known. We will ask attendees to fill in a skills survey before the workshop, so this answer can be an approximation.

If your learners are new to programming and primarily interested in working with data, Data Carpentry is likely the best choice. If your learners are interested in learning more about programming, including version control and automation, Software Carpentry is likely the best match. If your learners are people working in library and information related roles interested in learning data and software skills, Library Carpentry is the best choice. Please visit the Software Carpentry lessons page, Data Carpentry lessons page, or the Library Carpentry lessons page for more information about any of our lessons. If you’re not sure and would like to discuss with us, please select the "Don't know yet" option below.

If you are already connected with The Carpentries certified Instructors, we welcome you to organize and run your own workshop without administrative assistance from our staff. In the case of self-organized workshops, you will work with your certified Instructors on all aspects of workshop organization, including curriculum and lesson planning, as well as logistical details such as learner registration. In order to use our name and logo at your event, we require that you follow our curriculum (described on the lessons pages above), have at least one certified Carpentries Instructor teaching at your event, and share workshop attendance data. There is no fee (mandated or suggested) for running a self-organized workshop.

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The Carpentries staff will work with you to recruit Instructors and support all other logistical details. Fees due to The Carpentries are described below.

Required only if you request a waiver.